Ready for Cloud PCs? Make Sure They’re Enterprise Ready.

Enterprise customers are adopting cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to provide modern, flexible workplace solutions that allow users to securely access their corporate resources from any location, on any device, for anywhere-productivity. The pace of change is pretty astonishing! With all of the problems IT teams have encountered with on-premises VDI solutions, those conversations are largely… Read more

To Fearlessness & Innovation: Cheers to the CIO 100 Tech Leaders!

CIO Magazine’s 2018 celebration of innovative thinking and highly impactful technology execution was held in Southern California. It was an impressive group of CIOs and leaders in technology, business, and academia that gathered at the beautiful Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes for the annual CIO 100 Symposium. The three-day program of keynotes, panel discussions… Read more

GPU Workstations Make a Grand Entrance to the Cloud

When was the last time someone raved about how great their virtual GPU workstations performed? Pretty much never? Over and over, we’ve heard the stories from the trenches: Using traditional VDI to deliver high-performance workstations typically fails the performance, simplicity and “CIO, CAD manager, and design engineer” test. Workspot Workstation Cloud, with GPU-accelerated Windows 10 Desktops… Read more

The Secret Sauce of Cloud PC Security

When an organization considers moving their desktops to the cloud, data security becomes a primary concern. The prospect of relinquishing control of IT assets and possibly introducing risk to the business makes everyone pretty uncomfortable – to say the least. When it comes to virtual desktops in the cloud, the art is in balancing security and… Read more

Simplicity + Enterprise- Ready: The Peanut Butter and Chocolate of Virtual Desktops

When it comes to enterprise software, you’ve always made tradeoffs and hard choices. In particular, simplicity and enterprise-class features just don’t seem to go together. And with VDI, while legacy solutions are enterprise-ready, the notion of simplicity didn’t even enter anyone’s mind. The analogy has been drawn many times: Two things that just don’t seem… Read more