Industry First, No Risk Guarantee

With our innovative deployment model, we take on 100% of the deployment risk, because nothing is more important than your satisfaction. Find out more about our Customer Success Program – another industry first!

“Industry First, No Risk Guarantee.”
Sopheap Min – Sr. Account Manager Customer Success

“Two Subscription Model.”
Richard Yoza – Customer Success Architect

Future-Proof Desktop Cloud

Whether you already have a Microsoft Azure subscription or not, we’ll get your Workspot implementation up and running fast and make sure it’s future-proof. It’s all part of our free deployment services.

Connecting to Azure

When you deploy Workspot virtual desktop and app solutions, Azure becomes an extension of your network. You can use all the corporate resources and controls – authentication, policies, data and apps – you already have in place. We take care of getting your data center and your users connected.

“Configuring Network Connectivity.”
Richard Yoza – Customer Success Architect

“Creating Templates.”
Richard Yoza – Customer Success Architect

Creating Templates for Desktop Cloud

Do you already have a Windows 10 image? Never created one before? Either way we’ll get your image into Azure and show you how it’s done. We are in it together!

Agile Development Accelerates New Features

Did you ever think you could be part of the development process for enterprise software? Our side-by-side working relationship with customers and agile development process means you can directly influence product releases. We release new features every 3-6 weeks!

“Workspot Agile Deployment.”
Sopheap Min – Sr. Account Manager Customer Success