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#CIOs are moving away from the complexity of on-premises, legacy #VDI solutions. @Workspot can deploy your virtual desktops, apps & #GPU workstations on #Azure in a day, at a fraction of the cost of outdated VDI solutions. #AEC #CloudComputing https://t.co/TvqG0zZpsw

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#CIO's are moving away from the complexity of on-premises, legacy #VDI solutions. @Workspot can deploy your virtual desktops, apps & GPU Workstations on #Azure in a day, at a fraction of the cost of outdated VDI solutions. #vGPUs #RemoteApp https://t.co/0bg4ukZyBO

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We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the VDI era about a decade ago.  When I worked at Citrix and took over the XenDesktop product team in 2009, we began building massive innovation into the product, including the HDX protocol, the new FMA architecture, and the new management consoles – Studio and Director. During this time we saw huge growth for XenDesktop, and by the time I left Citrix it had become the market leader.

The Workspot Cloud Desktop Difference January 18, 2018

Did you make any resolutions for 2018?  The most common New Year’s resolutions don’t seem to change much year to year: “Eat healthy”, “exercise more” and “save more money” usually top the list. They’re all great choices, but many people just can’t stick to it – we get busy, and we get lazy, and sometimes we just revert back to the way we’ve always done things because change is hard. Well, Workspot is here to help you achieve any or all of these top resolutions in 2018! Let’s change things up!

What's Your New Year’s Resolution? Workspot Cloud Desktops Can Help You Keep It! January 11, 2018

Happy New Year! On behalf of the entire Workspot team I want to wish you health, joy and dramatically simplified IT in 2018! 

Thanks to our wonderful customers and partners, Workspot has just ended a phenomenal year, and we are solidly positioned for growth in 2018 and beyond. What’s so exciting about our success is the impact we have on our customers; we get to see first-hand how quickly they benefit from Workspot solutions because we’re with them every step of the way. The unique architecture of our turnkey Cloud Desktops, Cloud Apps, and Cloud Workstations solutions means that time-to-value for our customers is measured in days if not hours – it is truly impressive.

2017: The Year of Workspot Cloud Desktops January 3, 2018

In my last blog we talked about the top 3 considerations for addressing Citrix XenApp 6.5 end of life (EOL), which is approaching in June 2018. It's coming at you fast and it's really time to get serious about where you go from here. As we talk with prospects and industry analysts about virtual app, desktop and GPU workstation requirements, the message is loud and clear: Organizations want to streamline if not eliminate data center infrastructure. Let's take a look why an "all-cloud" approach makes the most sense for so many organizations. 

Hey XenApp 6.5 Customers, It's Time for a Cloud App Solution! December 27, 2017

Are you an existing Citrix XenApp 6.5 customer?

You're probably concerned about your options for moving forward when XenApp 6.5 hits its End of Life (EOL). If you're not, I'd like to respectfully suggest that you should be.  Time is ticking and your situation is difficult. Essentially, you have two options for an on-premises deployment: Citrix 7.x FMA or VMware Horizon. And you have two all-cloud options: Workspot or Amazon WorkSpaces.

In this article, I'll go over your top 3 planning considerations for migrating from XenApp 6.5.

Top 3 Considerations for Your XenApp 6.5 End of Life (EOL) Plan December 19, 2017

What is Microsoft 365?

Back in July Microsoft announced Microsoft 365 - a product suite that bundles Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security/Intune into one turnkey (one of our favorite words) solution. There's a version for Enterprise and a version for small/medium businesses. Licensing for Microsoft 365 is available as a per user, per month subscription. Until now, buying these products was a hodge podge because Office 365 was available per user but Windows was available on a per device basis; it also meant you had to spend time integrating this fragmented mix of OS and apps. Not anymore!

The Impact of Microsoft 365 on VDI and EMM Markets December 14, 2017


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